A big man hiking with his friends

Awesome Gear
For Big Men

Adventurers come in big & tall sizes too. If you have trouble finding gear that fits, give us a try.

We specialize in providing gear, tips, and inspiration for big & tall men who love the outdoors. We also carry a variety of accessories to help anyone get the most from their adventures.

Goosefeet Gear
Down Socks
Stay warm when nature calls during those cold winter camping trips. Durable and water resistant. Available up to shoe size 18. Made in the USA.
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Lightheart Gear
Gabel Trekking Poles
Suitable for hikers up to 7' tall. Primary and secondary handles for changes in elevation. LightHeart Gear's Gabel Trekking Poles are the premier choice for big & tall hikers.
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Big & Tall climbing gear

Climbing is a unique sport that should be accessible to everyone. We carry all of the essentials big guys need to climb, whether it's for work or play.

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Big & Tall Footwear

Plus-size outdoor footwear just might be the hardest gear to find. We carry boots up to size 15, hiking socks up to 16, and down socks up to 18.

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