PMI Sympatico Grande Climbing Full Body Harness - THE Big & Tall Climbing Harness

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For the biggest, tallest, and toughest of climbers, there is PMI's Sympatico Grande climbing harness. This bad boy fits waist sizes up to 65" and leg sizes up to 39", yet only weighs 6.75 lbs. The Sympatico Grande keeps you safe and comfortable during every climb, regardless of your size. 

  • Industry-leader for big & tall climbing harnesses 
  • Modular Design (seat or seat-chest)
  • Rear-waist attachment
  • Quick-release adjustable buckles
  • Fits waist sizes of 44"-65"
  • Fits leg sizes of 25"-39"
  • Suitable for recreation, industrial, and rescue 
  • Shipping: 3-5 days